Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Stapled Oligosaccharides

From peptides to sugars: Design, Synthesis, and Characterization of Stapled Oligosaccharides. Oligosaccharide stapling increases enzymatic stability and cell penetration, opening new opportunities for using glycans in medicinal chemistry. – Max Planck Institute Manuel Garcia RicardoEmelie Ellen Reuber, Ling Yao, José Angel Danglad-FloresMartina DelbiancoPeter Seeberger
Wonderful chemistry and insightful new possibilities.

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Genetically encoded chemical crosslinking of carbohydrate

Covalent linkages are engineered between proteins and carbohydrates under biocompatible conditions. Genetically encoding the chemical crosslinking of proteins to carbohydrates offers a solution to address the low affinity and weak strength of protein–sugar interactions.
The University of California, San Francisco – Shanshan Li, Nanxi Wang, Bingchen Yu Wei Sun Lei Wang present pure beauty!
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