Welcome to the Carbohydrate Chronicles, a podcast about Glycoscience and glycoscientists. In this show, via a series of interviews, we explore the world of carbohydrate science and innovation from the personal point of view hosted by Tamas Sohajda, a member of CarboHyde’s scientific team.

This show is supported by CarboHyde, where we find it important and essential to get familiar with the research and the researcher itself. In our series, we invite key opinion leaders of the glycoscience field both from academia and industry, to work on various angles of carbohydrates. Over 16 weeks, we will publish a new episode of 16 interviews altogether as part of our first season. All recordings will be available online at Apple Podcast, Spotify, YouTube, and Google Podcasts.

You can now listen to these episodes online!

Tony Molinaro Carbohydrate Chronicles
Thorsteinn Loftsson Carbohydrate Chronicles
Carbohydrate Chronicles Erem-Bilensoy

The other episodes will be posted soon; stay tuned!