Developing drug delivery systems is a challenging area of the pharmaceutical industry that faces real challenges in the 21st century, like the need for targeted delivery, triggered release, personalized therapy, effective formulation of gene and cell therapy drugs, and the list goes on endlessly. Cyclodextrins in the classical sense, have limitations in these fields, as they cannot target tissues or release their cargo at will. Unless we apply some tricks to them and chemically modify them so that they can fit such novel applications.

Today, we have with us Professor Francesco Trotta, Professor at the University of Torino, vice-president of the European Cyclodextrin Society, who can tell us more about these challenges as he is a pioneer in advanced drug delivery systems and nanotechnology. Francesco lets us peek into the nanoworld of cyclodextrins with all its possibilities and future prospects. 

Professor Trotta’s main research relates not only to cyclodextrins but to pharmaceutical technology in general. He has authored over 100 papers, several key reviews, and books on drug delivery, along with numerous patents. He is a member of over a dozen Italian and international associations, including both the European and global cyclodextrin societies.