Cyclodextrins are a very peculiar type of carbohydrate, ring-shaped molecules composed of glucose units. The traditional use of cyclodextrins within the pharma industry is small molecule solubilization, yet there are novel fields emerging like protein stabilization, gene delivery, using them as therapeutic agents or exploiting their potential in biotechnology.

Overall, cyclodextrins have important implications for human health and disease, making it a very relevant topic in modern research. And these compounds are the specialty of our guest today. Today, I will be talking with Dr. Milo Malanga, Chief Scientific Officer of CarboHyde.

Milo is an author of over 50 scientific publications and several patents despite his young age and one of the most well connected researchers in this field. His background is in medicinal chemistry and he focuses on creating novel cyclodextrins for innovative applications. Currently, he is also principal investigator from CarboHyde in Genegut, a Horizon Europe grant focusing on discovering novel drug delivery systems for oral gene delivery against Crohn’s disease. 

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CarboHydrate Chronicles – Episode 4 Milo Malanga