About Us

CarboHyde is a private preclinical pharma company redefining industries through the unparalleled potential of cyclodextrins.

We are a group of passionate cyclodextrins-lovers who realize that there is a need for targeted industrial experience in advancing and broadening innovative projects. The company has a solid pipeline of some moonshot applications, including gene therapy and biotechnology, yet it also supports other companies and groups who seek cyclodextrin expertise.

The company fosters several preclinical programs in various neurodegenerative and rare disease indications, superior ways of delivering oligonucleotides, and various applications related to vaccines while continuously working on exploring novel applications as well.

Our story

While some of us have been working together for 10+ years, in 2022, we decided to create a new venture to develop tomorrow’s solutions today with cyclodextrins. What makes us truly unique is our diverse and integrated team, uniting experts in cyclodextrin chemistry, formulation development, drug delivery, GMP manufacturing, marketing, and commercialization. This collective knowledge empowers us to pioneer solutions with a global impact, transforming industries on an unprecedented scale.

So, a deep passion for innovation, a bunch of creative ideas, and an interdisciplinary team were given; we mixed this with a unique culture that focuses on freedom, the joy of work, mutual trust, and respect. CarboHyde was born as the outcome, a place where we all can fulfill ourselves in a stimulating team and an inspiring environment.

As a core philosophy, we dropped competing with other companies and started focusing on support and collaboration, which led to more than a dozen partnered projects in the first 18 months, both with academic and industrial partners of similar interest, as well as several grants. 

As the world’s leader in industrial cyclodextrin-based Research and Development, our singular focus sets us apart. We seamlessly integrate cyclodextrin chemistry and Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) expertise, ensuring our innovations meet the highest standards of efficacy and reliability.

Vision and Mission

Our purpose is to bring cyclodextrin-based innovations to the market.

Tamas Sohajda, CEO

By 2027, we see CarboHyde as

a key opinion leader in cyclodextrin chemistry, initiator, and supporter of innovation

a pharma company with at least one dozen internal projects partnered and unpartnered

the holder of 5+ patent families for different compounds and sponsor of early-stage clinical trials

What Makes Us Unique?

“The heart of CarboHyde beats with an extraordinary collective knowledge base. Our team boasts a harmonious blend of experts in cyclodextrin chemistry, analytical methods, formulation development, drug delivery, GMP manufacturing, marketing, and commercialization. This unparalleled synergy positions CarboHyde as the only entity with such a diverse and integrated spectrum of expertise in the field of cyclodextrins.”

Tamás Sohajda

Our team

Our Scientific Board

CArboHyde's scientific collaboration

Our Capabilities

HQ – Labs & Offices Located in the European Union – Budapest, Hungary

The staff of researchers trained in carbohydrate chemistry, manufacturing, formulation, and analysis


  • Custom synthesis
  • Up-scaling
  • Formulation development
  • IP expertise
  • CMC expertise
  • Regulatory expertise
  • Marketing and business development expertise
  • Wide-spread global industrial network 

We believe that the importance of serving patients is superior to our internal goals, thus CarboHyde team is happy to assist other companies in their cyclodextrin-related developments by:

  • Custom synthesis
  • Cyclodextrin/formulation analysis
  • Formulation development
  • Regulatory consultation
  • Troubleshooting
  • IP support


Our vision is to become THE carbohydrate company, a creator of true value for the patients and partners via our experience in carbohydrates, with ultimate professionalism.

CarboHyde is advancing a pipeline of wholly-owned carbohydrate-based API candidates that address a number of diseases with high unmet needs or other novel applications.

CHD-101: active for a rare genetic disease with unmet medical need; optimized next-generation cyclodextrin-drug

CHD-201: Alzheimer’s disease; a unique cyclodextrin with superior pharmacokinetics designed for the purpose, proof-of-concept studies passed in various cellular and animal models

CHD-401: novel vaccine adjuvant; a tailor-made cyclodextrin to dramatically boost local T-cell related immune response, efficiency proven in different commercial vaccines

CHD-501: CarboHyde’s challenging task is to synthesize amphiphilic cyclodextrins, which will be used to formulate nanoparticles containing the RNA cargo.
For more information, visit the project website: GENEGUT

CHD-601: a commercially available special cyclodextrin used as an additive in downstream vaccine production to improve the quality and yield of the biotech process

Investors and Partnering

If you are interested in investing in CarboHyde’s operations or seek further information about our carbohydrate assets, please contact Tamas Sohajda, Chief Executive Officer, at tamas.sohajda@carbohyde.com.


At CarboHyde, our mission is to exploit our knowledge in carbohydrate medicinal chemistry and develop sugar-based new chemical entities to improve the lives of patients worldwide. If you would like to join us on this challenging journey, please contact us directly.

CarboHyde has open positions for carbohydrate chemists and formulation experts. If you have experience and interest in the field, share our values, and think you could contribute to our research, please send your CV and motivation letter to gergely.toth@carbohyde.com.

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