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CarboHyde is a private preclinical pharmaceutical start-up company specializing in the development of carbohydrate-based APIs. Our team consists of a small group of seasoned scientists with over 50 years of cumulative experience in the field of carbohydrate chemistry, analysis and pharmaceutical development.
The company’s core focus is neurodegenerative diseases, yet we also have other pre-clinical programs in various unmet medical indications.

Fully embracing the pharmaceutical development ecosystem, we utilize contract research organizations (CRO) and other companies focusing on CMC and clinical development to make our drug development process efficient.

CarboHyde’s management team has extensive experience in medicinal chemistry, marketing, and pharmaceutical development. In addition, CarboHyde is supported by experienced advisers, consultants, and carbohydrate veterans.

Tamas Sohajda
Tamas Sohajda

I have always admired carbohydrates. I started working with them almost 20 years ago as an undergraduate pharmacist, first on analytical aspects, later on chemistry, manufacturing, quality control, quality assurance, regulatory affairs, even formulations. I took my part in business, business development, marketing and strategy. But nothing came close to the sensation of R&D. When only your wildest dreams and imagination are forging your limits and new ideas come rushing in from every direction in the most unexpected moments. 

Such moments we frequently live at CarboHyde, which comes naturally in such a talented team and supporting atmosphere. We are working on moonshot ideas, facing challenging chemistry and complicated mechanisms of action, yet with an unmet devotion and passion for this small but growing segment of the pharma industry.

At CarboHyde, via a series of carbohydrate-based innovations, we are taking our part in shaping the present and the future of glycoscience. And this is a great goal to dive into work every day!

József Tóth
David Porkoláb

József Tóth, MD, PhD , Co-founder

•10+ years of experience in clinical practice

•Anaesthesiologist and intensive care professional, Health care manager

• Ph.D. in cell physiology

•Senior lecturer at Semmelweis University

•Translating basic science to clinical practice

•Two adorable girls, likes soccer, hiking, and scientific books

Dávid Porkoláb Co-founder

•10+ years of experience in marketing management and business development

•MSc in Business Administration and Management

•Specialized in driving digital marketing transformation from small to the large corporation

•Accelerate high-growth potential start-up companies

•Water sports fanatic, windsurfing, wakeboarding

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Carbohydrate chemistry, the final frontier. These ubiquitous building blocks of life are still the most challenging biomolecules to manipulate due to their structural diversity and complexity. A realm where only the bravest creative chemists can go to deeply understand their biological importance, explore and embrace their therapeutic value.
From the discovery of the first carbohydrate antibiotic streptomycin, a widely used class of antibacterial aminoglycosides (tobramycin, gentamicin, netilmicin, or amikacin) was established; deoxy sugars (cladinose and desosamine) are essential constituents of the fascinating class of antibacterial/antifungal drugs known as macrolides (azithromycin, clarithromycin, erythromycin); amino sugars are key-constituent of nucleoside antibiotics such as puromycin or first-choice anthracycline chemotherapeutics such as doxorubicin.
The use of carbohydrates as API for the treatment of rare diseases is an emerging field with a worldwide consensus as demonstrated by the approval of miglustat (Gaucher disease) and by the orphan drug status exceptionally granted by the FDA to carbohydrates such as the iminosugar migalastat (Fabry disease) and the non-reducing sugar (2-hydroxypropyl)-β-cyclodextrin (Niemann–Pick type C).


Our vision is to become THE carbohydrate company, a creator of true value for the patients and partners via our experience in carbohydrates, with ultimate professionalism.

CarboHyde is advancing a pipeline of wholly-owned carbohydrate-based API candidates that address a number of diseases with high unmet needs or other novel applications.

CHD-101: an undisclosed rare genetic disease with unmet medical need; optimized next-generation carbohydrate-drug

CHD-111: undisclosed progressive neurodegenerative disease; optimized next-generation carbohydrate-drug

CHD-201: Alzheimer’s disease; a unique carbohydrate with superior pharmacokinetics designed for the purpose; proof-of-concept studies passed in various cellular and animal models

CHD-401: novel vaccine adjuvant; a tailor-made carbohydrate to dramatically boost local T-cell related immune response; efficiency is proven in different commercial vaccines

CHD-501: CarboHyde is developing carbohydrate-based nanoparticles to efficiently protect and deliver siRNA and other oligonucleotides to cells under ‘GENEGUT,’ a Horizon Europe-funded project (GA 101057491). The aim of GENEGUT is to develop the first oral RNA-based therapy for ileal Crohn’s Disease. The project is coordinated by the School of Pharmacy of University College Cork and made up of nine partners from eight European countries, including CarboHyde, who are all leading experts in their field.

The challenging task of CarboHyde is to synthesize amphiphilic cyclodextrins, which will be used to formulate nanoparticles containing the RNA cargo.
For more information, visit the project website: GENEGUT

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Investors and Partnering

If you are interested to invest in CarboHyde’s operations or seek further information about our carbohydrate assets, please contact Tamas Sohajda, Chief Executive Officer, at


At CarboHyde, our mission is to exploit our knowledge in carbohydrate medicinal chemistry and develop sugar-based new chemical entities to improve the lives of patients worldwide. If you would like to join us on this challenging journey, please contact us directly.

CarboHyde has open positions for carbohydrate chemists and formulation experts. If you have experience and interest in the field, share our values, and think you could contribute to our research, please send your CV and motivation letter to

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