In earlier episodes, we have touched on the topic of cyclodextrin-based drug delivery and even nanotechnology, yet today, with our guest, Erem Bilensoy, we are taking a deep dive. As we will hear today, cyclodextrins are not only capable of solubilizing and stabilizing actives but in good hands also to remove toxic molecules from the body, enhance cellular delivery, compose targeted drug delivery systems and much more. The possibilities are truly infinite.

Welcome, Erem Bilensoy, Professor of Pharmaceutical Technology at Hacettepe University and Owner and CSO at BioGalenica.

Erem’s main research related not only to cyclodextrins but also to pharmaceutical technology and nanoparticle-based drug delivery. He has authored close to 100 papers and 15 book chapters. Apart from her academic career, the industry has also been present in his life; in 2021 she founded her company BioGalenica and is the president of the European Federation for Pharmaceutical Sciences EUFEPS. Her current research interests include targeted nanoparticles in cancer therapy, cholesterol-targeted nanoparticles to overcome multidrug drug resistance and enhance cellular delivery, and applications of proteomics, metabolomics, and lipidomics to develop nanomedicines.