Over the past weeks, we have talked a lot about Glycoscience and research in this field. But what happens with these compounds and inventions once they fulfill the dream? They get commercialized and manufactured, and they start their true journey in the pharmaceutical industry. Roquette Fréres is one of the world’s biggest excipient manufacturers and certainly a leader in sugars and cyclodextrins. Our guest today is Elham Blouet, Global Market Manager for injectables and regional head of biopharma technologies at Roquette.

Elham has a very unique career path that led to her position at Roquette. She has done research work at university, been a responsible pharmacist in a company producing sterile medical devices, has teaching experience with pharmacists assistant and pharmacists, and worked at French Health Competent Authorities, which all lead to her way to Roquette, where she also served in different positions.