Carbohydrates are molecules expressed on the surface of nearly all living cells, and their interaction with carbohydrate-binding proteins is critical to many immunobiological processes. Accordingly, carbohydrates are utilized as antigens in many licensed vaccines against bacterial pathogens. More recently, they have also been considered as adjuvants.

Our Guest today, Luigi Lay, Professor of Chemistry at the University of Milan is specialized in advanced glyco-nanomedicine and carbohydrate-based vaccines and will help us understand how carbohydrates could be used as building blocks, targetors and further components of these complex systems. 

Luigi has been working with carbohydrates for a very impressive 30+ years, dealing with all major aspects, such as synthesis, analysis, evaluation of biological role, and later glycoconjugates leading to nanotechnology and vaccines. He has almost 100 papers in the field and is the PI and leader of several international consortia dealing with glycoscience.