We already had some interviews with researchers focusing on cyclodextrins, yet no one may understand these compounds’ true nature and chemical behavior like our guest today, Matthieu Sollogoub. He is less interested in the traditional uses of cyclodextrins within the pharma industry like small molecule solubilization and stabilization and focuses much more on creating unique compounds with future and unbelievable applications, truly moonshot goals.

Matthieu is a Professor at Sorbonne Université and President of the Organic Division of the French Chemical Society, yet above all, one of the world’s leading experts in cyclodextrin and carbohydrate medicinal chemistry.

Despite his young age, Matthieu is an author of almost 150 scientific publications, several book chapters, and patents and one of the most acknowledged key opinion leaders in cyclodextrin chemistry. His background is in chemistry, and he focuses on creating novel cyclodextrins for innovative applications. He has been working as a full professor at Sorbonne for 15 years now and leads maybe the largest carbohydrate (cyclodextrin) chemistry group in Europe.