New pipeline asset

CarboHyde announces the development of a new pipeline asset in an undisclosed partnership: we will work on the optimization, scale-up, and industrialization of a novel, carbohydrate-based non-viral gene delivery system which provided promising results in proof-of-concept preclinical studies. We expect the technology to be widely compatible with different oligonucleotides and become a safer alternative to currently used LNPs.

International cyclodextrin Symposium

The cyclodextrin event of the year is around the corner with world-class speakers from all around the globe delivering talks on all kinds of topics related to our favorite sugars.

Tamas Sohajda from our advisory board talks about cyclodextrins as antiviral agents and drug delivery systems.

We hope to see many new faces there too!

Check out the schedule here:

New member of the Scientific Advisory Board

We are happy to announce an expansion of the CarboHyde family. We have invited several world-renowned scientists and experts from different countries and institutions to our Scientific Advisory Board, who can help us in our challenging journey of developing carbohydrate-based therapeutic nutrition agents. We will introduce them one by one in the coming weeks.

Tamas Sohajda has a long professional history in the field of cyclodextrins – he was the head of R&D and CEO of CycloLab for 5+ years – widely experienced in chemistry, analysis, formulation, etc., regulatory affairs, industrialization, and therapeutic applications. We are honored that he accepted our invitation to support us through our upcoming preclinical and clinical development obstacles, feed us new ideas and improve existing ones.

Welcome on board, Tamas!