We are thrilled to introduce you László Ragányi (left) and Kristóf Felegyi, who are strengthening our #chemistry team and will participate in the challenging #carbohydrates #synthesis related to CarboHyde‘s pipeline and our work in GENEGUT.

About László:

I graduated as a chemist (MSc) from Eötvös Loránd University in 2019. My interest was in the synthesis of ferrocene derivatives. I have two years of experience in chromatography, mainly in gas chromatography. Later I was a synthetic research chemist at CycloLab for one year. My current interests are the synthesis and chromatography of carbohydrate derivatives. 

About Kristof:

In high school, I have always been fascinated by natural sciences, how molecules are synthesized and how they work, so I started studying chemical engineering in addition to the pharmaceutical sciences. After my master’s degree, I continued my studies at Semmelweis University as a Ph.D. student, where I first dealt with the synthesis of organic compounds; then, my interest turned to the in-depth chemical investigations of different mushrooms, isolating their characteristic metabolic products and determining their structure. After completing the experimental work, I came to Carbohyde, where I could return to the organic chemistry dear to my heart

laszlo raganyi, kristof felegyi