Carbohyde hires new COO

Tamás Vargadi, a pharmaceutical engineer experienced in radiopharmaceuticals, synthetic chemistry, quality control, industrial scaling, GMP production, and tech transfer of various carbohydrate-based pharma ingredients, has just joined our team.

“I started a brand new chapter in my life when I joined CarboHyde as a Chief Operating Officer. My main role in the company is supporting all activities, from organic chemistry to business development. I want to make processes at CarboHyde easier and simpler for our partners and employees. I believe the team we have here will be able to achieve our common goals and build a successful company together.”

Tamas is an amazing personal and professional fit for our team, and we look forward to growing together. Welcome on board!

tamas vargadi, carbohyde

New talents on board

We are thrilled to introduce you László Ragányi (left) and Kristóf Felegyi, who are strengthening our #chemistry team and will participate in the challenging #carbohydrates #synthesis related to CarboHyde‘s pipeline and our work in GENEGUT.

About László:

I graduated as a chemist (MSc) from Eötvös Loránd University in 2019. My interest was in the synthesis of ferrocene derivatives. I have two years of experience in chromatography, mainly in gas chromatography. Later I was a synthetic research chemist at CycloLab for one year. My current interests are the synthesis and chromatography of carbohydrate derivatives. 

About Kristof:

In high school, I have always been fascinated by natural sciences, how molecules are synthesized and how they work, so I started studying chemical engineering in addition to the pharmaceutical sciences. After my master’s degree, I continued my studies at Semmelweis University as a Ph.D. student, where I first dealt with the synthesis of organic compounds; then, my interest turned to the in-depth chemical investigations of different mushrooms, isolating their characteristic metabolic products and determining their structure. After completing the experimental work, I came to Carbohyde, where I could return to the organic chemistry dear to my heart

laszlo raganyi, kristof felegyi

New member at CarboHyde

At CarboHyde, we are pleased to introduce our Chief Scientific Officer, Milo Malanga, Ph.D.!

Milo has 10+ years of experience in cyclodextrin chemistry. He was a senior research chemist at CycloLab. He developed many cyclodextrin-based nanocarriers with targeting functions and multimodal activities. He designed 30+ Sugammadex impurities and new cyclodextrins-based APIs. His current interests are the production of cationic amphiphilic cyclodextrins able to interact with nucleic acids and cross biological barriers (GENEGUT). His primary focus is the creation of carbohydrate-based APIs for unmet medical needs.

Milo will be our greatest help in the journey ahead, and we could not imagine a better partner to travel with!