Scientific road trip in France

Recently, our CSO, Milo Malanga had the privilege to deliver a talk about using cyclodextrins in biotechnology at the annual meet of the French Cyclodextrin Society ( and visit several prestigious labs in France to discuss strategic, long-term research collaborations. Thank you for hosting us Sophie Fourmentin at Université du Littoral Côte d’Opale, Bernard Martel at University of Lille 1 Sciences and Technology, Eric Monflier and Sebastien Tilloy at Université d’Artois and Matthieu Sollogoub at Sorbonne Université.

New member at CarboHyde

At CarboHyde, we are pleased to introduce our Chief Scientific Officer, Milo Malanga, Ph.D.!

Milo has 10+ years of experience in cyclodextrin chemistry. He was a senior research chemist at CycloLab. He developed many cyclodextrin-based nanocarriers with targeting functions and multimodal activities. He designed 30+ Sugammadex impurities and new cyclodextrins-based APIs. His current interests are the production of cationic amphiphilic cyclodextrins able to interact with nucleic acids and cross biological barriers (GENEGUT). His primary focus is the creation of carbohydrate-based APIs for unmet medical needs.

Milo will be our greatest help in the journey ahead, and we could not imagine a better partner to travel with!