Site-specific modification of a glycoprotein through transglutaminase-mediated conjugation 

Cool glyoco-invention got into the light from Zhaohui Sunny Zhou and Amissi Sadiki (Northeastern University), who study methods for making a site-specific modification of a glycoprotein that preserve the charge and glycoform of the glycoprotein. In short, one or more glycans are trimmed from the glycoprotein while keeping a core glycan attached to the glycoprotein. The removal of one or more glycans provides access to a targeted amino acid for a site-specific reaction. The attached core glycan can optionally be utilized for modulation of the glycoprotein, or one or more glycans or reagents can be attached to the core.

See the patent on Espacenet.

Dibenzocyclooctyne linked lysine-cyclodextrin for efficient intranucleus delivery of proteins

Now, this is something we have never seen before. Delivering oligonucleotides into cells using cyclodextrin-based nanoparticles has been studied a lot, yet in the paper from Chongqing University, intranucleus delivery of proteins is shown. This will certainly open up new drug delivery possibilities for the future and trigger novel applications.

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