Preparation process of low-irritation hair dye with color protection function

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With the party mood of the weekend approaching, let’s see an example of using CDs as hair dye components. The invention provides a low-irritation hair dye with a color protection function. As claimed, the hair dye can greatly reduce scalp irritation, reduce scalp stabbing pain and burning feelings caused by hair dyeing of consumers in the past, reduce direct contact between irritant substances and scalp, and greatly reduce scalp irritation.

Espacenet – Preparation process of low-irritation hair dye with color protection function

Veterinary cosmetics with cyclodextrin

today’s #cyclodextrin: from CD News by István Puskás

Veterinary cosmetics is an emerging field, at last, no longer untouched by the application of cyclodextrins. A dog shampoo formulated with HPBCD provides spicy orange scent for the fur:

Dog Shampoo – Pet Head Ditch The Dirt – Company Of Animals

If there is no time / room for a full wash, a HPBCD containing spray is also available:

Dog Deodorant Spray – Ditch The Dirt – Company Of Animals UK

Aggregation Behavior of Cyclodextrin-Based [3]Rotaxanes

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I have shared several papers and patents already on the fascinating and widespread applications of rotaxanes, from cosmetics through drug delivery to advanced materials.
In this paper Yosuke Akae and Patrick Theato report on an important practical aspect of their use, particularly on the aggregation of cyclodextrin (CD)-based [3]rotaxane, which forms a hexagonal packing type aggregation derived from hydrogen bond formation among CD units in a similar manner to polyrotaxane species. This aggregation could be controlled by solvent type on dispersion treatment, axle end structures, and modification of CD.

To the full article, please follow this link!

Supramolecular preparation of retinol and derivatives thereof and preparation method therefor

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is a case study from the cosmetic industry. Here, CDs are mainly used to stabilize components, as emulsifiers, and of course, as solubilizers. Proya Cosmetics proposes the supramolecular preparation of retinol and derivatives thereof having the advantages such as good stability, high solubility, low irritation, and good anti-wrinkle effect.

The full patent is available on Espacenet!