Veterinary cosmetics with cyclodextrin

today’s #cyclodextrin: from CD News by István Puskás

Veterinary cosmetics is an emerging field, at last, no longer untouched by the application of cyclodextrins. A dog shampoo formulated with HPBCD provides spicy orange scent for the fur:

Dog Shampoo – Pet Head Ditch The Dirt – Company Of Animals

If there is no time / room for a full wash, a HPBCD containing spray is also available:

Dog Deodorant Spray – Ditch The Dirt – Company Of Animals UK

Improvement of Fertilization Capacity and Developmental Ability of Vitrified Bovine Oocytes by JUNO mRNA Microinjection and Cholesterol-Loaded Methyl-β-Cyclodextrin Treatment

This is a little reminder of the great potential to use these compounds (especially # cholesterol-loaded methyl-beta-cyclodextrin) to improve fertilization capacity. The fertilization and development ability of vitrified bovine oocytes were improved by the combination treatment of JUNO mRNA microinjection and CLC/MβCD – Chinese Academy of Agricultural Sciences

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