CarboHyde CEO presenting at CPHI North America

We are proud to announce that our CEO, Tamas Sohajda, will deliver a talk at CPHI North America in Philadelphia in May 2024.
You can learn more about the “Exploring Excipients” session and other speakers, Denise Reaves, M.S from Jurata Thin Film, and Björn-Hendrik Peters from Bristol Myers Squibb here:

About the talk:
Explore novel applications in neurodegenerative diseases, gene therapy, and biotechnology, showcasing innovative structures, mechanisms, challenges, and results, with a focus on Alzheimer’s, Parkinson’s, rare genetic disorders, and potential expansion to longevity and infectious diseases, presenting a non-viral gene delivery platform and demonstrating CD utilization in vaccine adjuvants and biotechnological tools.

International cyclodextrin Symposium

The cyclodextrin event of the year is around the corner with world-class speakers from all around the globe delivering talks on all kinds of topics related to our favorite sugars.

Tamas Sohajda from our advisory board talks about cyclodextrins as antiviral agents and drug delivery systems.

We hope to see many new faces there too!

Check out the schedule here: