Transport Properties of Carbohydrates: Towards the Minimization Toxicological Risks of Cobalt and Chromium Ions

Cobalt and chromium are constituents of metal alloys for biomedical use, including dental prostheses. Thus, the release of these ions in the human body can lead to harmful biological effects.
The influence of oligosaccharides (α-, β-and γ-cyclodextrin), and a polysaccharide, sodium hyaluronate, on the diffusion of aqueous solutions of cobalt and chromium chlorides is presented by Ana Catarina Ribeiro et al. at Universidade de Coimbra.
It has been found that β-cyclodextrin has the highest interaction towards cobalt and chromium ions. This work will contribute to unveiling the mechanisms responsible for transport by diffusion in aqueous solutions and, therefore, mitigating the potential toxicity inherent to those metal ions.

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