Solubility Enhancement and Inhalation Delivery of Cyclodextrin-Based Inclusion Complex of Delamanid for Pulmonary Tuberculosis Treatment

Pulmonary formulations are a relatively new and upcoming area for cyclodextrins without any marketed product to date. Still, due to covid, these applications came more into focus and should be studied extensively.
Delamanid (DLD), an antituberculosis drug, has poor aqueous solubility, and in this study, we aim to improve its solubility using cyclodextrin complexation. In bacterial studies, the minimum inhibitory concentration of the DLD-CD complex was significantly reduced (four-fold) compared to free DLD. Furthermore, accelerated stability studies confirmed that the inclusion complex was stable for 4 weeks with 90%w/w drug content.

St. John’s University – Suyash PatilVasudha PrithipaulAaron Muth & Nitesh Kunda 

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