The microbiome and human cancer

A review in Science Magazine by Greg Sepich-Poore, Ph.D. et al. looked at research that shows how bacteria, viruses and fungi of the microbiome are pervasive among human cancers, are key actors in cancer immunotherapy, and are potentially engineerable to treat metastases. Advances in microbiome research are improving our understanding of immuno-oncology and driving new diagnostic and therapeutic approaches.

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Methods of use of oligosaccharide compositions for modulating microbiota and their metabolic products and as therapeutics for health applications

In this discovery, BCD Bioscience provides compositions comprising oligosaccharides for modulating microbiota and their metabolic products and uses them as therapeutics for treating, preventing, or improving conditions associated with various health conditions, including gastrointestinal health, cardiovascular health, renal system health, central nervous system health, immune system health, and urogenital health.

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