Pillar[6]MaxQ: A potent supramolecular host for in vivo sequestration of methamphetamine and fentanyl

Lyle Isaacs and his team from University of Maryland has something fascinating to show. Not only have they published a potent supramolecular host for in vivo sequestration of methamphetamine and fentanyl (similar to the Sugammadex concept) but they also shared this cool video on the mechanism of action: UMD Researcher Creates Chemical Compound That Can Reverse Effects of Potentially Deadly Drugs – YouTube

This is how you should present science! Amazing!
Adam BrockettCanjia ZhaiShivangi RastogiVolker Briken

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Great learning opportunity presented by Ajay Semalty on CD complexes in general

Great learning opportunity presented by Ajay Semalty on CD complexes in general. Here you can learn about CD chemistry and basic properties and techniques to make complexes, and analyze them shown in several practical examples. Extremely informative!
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Cyclodextrin Complexes I
Cyclodextrin Complexes II

Hexapeptide decorated β-cyclodextrin delivery system for targeted therapy of bone infection

Fascinating cyclodextrin conjugation chemistry from Southwest Jiaotong University in order to target the hydroxyapatite component of the bone. We are also highly involved in conjugating peptides and carbohydrates to create actives and drug delivery systems. Have you ever considered a peptide-CD conjugate for such an application?

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