Another great paper comes out of the long-term collaboration between our CSO,Milo Malanga and Ilse Manet‘s lab at National Research Council of Italy.
We explored a series of cyclodextrin (CyD) polymers composed either of a single CyD type or a mixture of two CyD types to encapsulate simultaneously different compounds with potential therapeutic interest for multimodal prostate cancer treatment. Thanks to a single inexpensive CyD-based polymer, we produced a three-in-one platform for the future implementation of combined chemotherapy and photodynamic therapy. These achievements are most relevant as nanomedicines are continuously proposed, but their potential for translation to the pharma industry is compromised by their limited potential for industrial upscale.

Elisabetta Pancani, PharmD, Marco AgnesArianna MazzaAlessandro Venturini et al.

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