The Role of Cyclodextrin in the Construction of Nanoplatforms: From Structure, Function and Application Perspectives
Drug delivery systems consisting of cyclodextrins (CyDs) have kept constant attention for good compatibility, negligible toxicity, and improved pharmacokinetics of drugs. The unique hollow structure has endowed a lot of functions, such as the inclusion of guest molecules, functional modification of active hydroxyl groups, and noncovalent interactions. Besides, the polyhydroxy structure has further extended the functions of CyDs by inter/intramolecular interactions and chemical modification. Furthermore, the versatile functions of the complex contribute to physicochemical characteristics alteration of the drugs, therapeutic talent, stimulus-responsive switch, self-assemble capability, and fiber formation. This review attempts to list the recent progress of CyDs and discuss their roles in the drug delivery system. Future perspectives of the construction of CyD-based drug delivery systems are also discussed at the end of this review, which may be the possible direction for the construction of more rational and cost-effective delivery vehicles.

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