today’s cyclodextrin:
using CDs to solubilize and stabilize cannabinoids is very popular in the pharma and nutraceutical/food industries. The most recent paper I read on the topic is from Canntab Therapeutics, yet in the past 25 years, since the first paper from Pekka Jarho et al., we have seen cannabis seed oil stabilized by BCD, an herbal medicine pill for treating constipation, fructus cannabis pill for the treatment of constipation and bowel discomfort, tea for patients in gastric cancer, intestine-lubricating and bowel relaxing granules. Among foods, yogurt enriched with herbal excipients, such as cannabis seeds, and BCD as a health food is claimed useful for soothing nerves, reducing blood pressure and blood fat, dispelling wind-damp, cold, and heat, losing weight, resisting aging, and relaxing bowels. On the analogy of powdered alcohol (Palcohol) prepared by complexing alcoholic drinks with CD, powdered weed, the cyclodextrin-encapsulated cannabinoid is expected to get on the market. 

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