Today’s cyclodextrin is a smart and very practical study, highlighting how different cyclodextrins added to a liposomal formulation could influence the release of the active load.

The results demonstrated that the CDs effect on the membrane depends on the CD type, CD concentration, and membrane cholesterol content. The investigated CDs exhibited an instantaneous permeabilizing effect promoting vesicle leakage of API from the various membranes; this effect increased with CDs concentration. Among the studied CDs, α-CD, β-CD, and RAMEB were the most permeabilizing CDs on the different membranes.

Ghenwa NasrHelene GreigeSophie FourmentinAbdelhamid ELAISSARINathalie Khreich

BJOC – Cyclodextrins permeabilize DPPC liposome membranes: a focus on cholesterol content, cyclodextrin type, and concentration (