today’s cyclodextrin:
we have already talked about both rotaxanes and CD-supported 3D printing Now Dartmouth College, an invention form Chenfeng KeQianming LinMiao Tang and Li Longyu presents the combination of the two.
Rotaxanes have numerous applications, including applications in three-dimensional printing. However, current rotaxanes have numerous limitations in terms of fabrication and properties optimal for 3D printing. For instance, the synthesis of cyclodextrin-based three-dimensional (3D)—printable polypseudorotaxanes, which are formed by threading α-cyclodextrins (α-CDs) onto linear polyethylene glycol (PEG), requires the use of high molecular weight PEG with a minimal molecular weight of 10 k Pa.
Rotaxanes presented in this patent overcome such handicaps and offer a feasible solution.

See the full patent here on Espacenet