Fascinating new method, wildDISCO, uses 2,6-dimethyl-β-cyclodextrin to overcome the limitations of conventional whole-body imaging methods.

This technology enables the uniform staining of whole bodies with conventional IgG antibodies and reveals cellular and structural maps across the entire mouse body. This has allowed us to map diverse biological systems, including peripheral nerve atlases and the complete lymphatic system, and make novel biological findings. We studied tertiary lymphoid structures (TLS) in the whole mouse body along with cancer metastasis, providing insights into their therapeutic potentials.

The wildDISCO method facilitates the visualization of endogenous proteins in a whole body without a transgenic reporter. Its compatibility with over 30 commercial antibodies marks a breakthrough in biomedical applications and research at the whole mouse level.
Rami Al-MaskariIzabela HorvathMarie PiraudJohannes C. PaetzoldJennifer ModamioFarida Hellal & Ali Ertürk et al.

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