today’s cyclodextrin:
The use of iodine as antiseptic poses some issues related to its low water solubility and high volatility. Stable solid iodine-containing formulations are highly advisable and currently limited to the povidone-iodine complex. In this study, complexes of molecular iodine with 2-hydroxypropyl α-, β- and γ-cyclodextrins were considered water-soluble iodophors and prepared in a solid state by using three different methods (liquid-assisted grinding, co-evaporation, and sealed heating). The obtained solids were evaluated for their iodine content and stability over time in different conditions. High levels of iodine content (8.3-10.8%) were obtained with all the tested cyclodextrins, and some influence was exerted by the employed preparation method. Potential use as solid iodophors can be envisaged for these iodine complexes, among which those with 2-hydroxypropyl-α-cyclodextrin were found the most stable, regardless of the preparation technique. The three prepared cyclodextrin-iodine complexes proved effective as bactericides against S. epidermidis.
Sandro DattiloFabiola SpitaleriDanilo AleoMaria Grazia Saita, Angela Patti – MEDIVIS

See the full article here:Solid-State Preparation and Characterization of 2-Hydroxypropylcyclodextrins-Iodine Complexes as Stable Iodophors