The latest paper of our CSO, Milo Malanga resulted from a great collaboration with Marco AgnesGábor BenkovicsGeorgios MiliotisDina Yannakopoulou, and several others, is just out!
We have prepared a family of cyclodextrins substituted with iminodiacetic acid (IDA) on their narrow side, while the wider side is either unmodified or per-2,3-O-methylated. The molecules form strong coordination complexes with Zn2+ or Ga3+ cations in aqueous solution. 50 μΜ of the compounds achieve complete re-sensitization of metallo-β-lactamase-producing Gram-negative clinical bacterial strains resistant to the carbapenems imipenem and meropenem.

Metal-binding cyclodextrins: Synthesis and complexation with Zn2+ and Ga3+ cations towards antimicrobial applications – ScienceDirect