Fascinating discovery from BASF on increasing space-time-yield, carbon-conversion-efficiency, and carbon substrate flexibility in the production of fine chemicals. They found a positive effect of increased cAMP levels and/or manipulating the PTS system on the above characteristics achieved by de-regulating adenylate cyclase cyaa by deleting the C-terminal regulatory region leading to increased cAMP levels or deleting the Crr protein activity (carbohydrate repression resistance) which regulates the carbohydrate utilization system. Both lead to increased 2-fucosyllactoe and 6-sialyllactose production (human milk oligosaccharides) and increase carbohydrate usage.
Hartwig SchroederPeter Ödman]; Georg WandreyChristian DietzschDominik SatoryMatthew BlankschienJens Plassmeier et al.

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