today’s cyclodextrin:
Propofol is a widely used general anesthetic in clinical practice, but its use is limited by its water-insoluble nature and associated pharmacokinetic and pharmacodynamic limitations. Therefore, researchers have been searching for alternative formulations to lipid emulsion to address the remaining side effects. In this study, novel formulations for propofol and its sodium salt Na-propofolat were designed and tested using hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HPβCD). The formulated compounds showed no cytotoxicity and genotoxicity compared to the reference. The CD-based formulations of propofol and its sodium salt may be a promising option and a plausible alternative to conventional lipid emulsions.

Benedikt WilhelmsProf. Dr. Jens BroscheitSergey Shityakov

See the full article here: Chemical Analysis and Molecular Modelling of Cyclodextrin-Formulated Propofol and Its Sodium Salt to Improve Drug Solubility, Stability and Pharmacokinetics (Cytogenotoxicity)