today’s #cyclodextrin:
ZyVersa Therapeutics Inc. published a press release on the mechanism of action of their lead asset, VAR-200, which is hydroxypropyl-beta-cyclodextrin targeting patients with glomerular diseases (#diabetic #kidneydisease, focal segmental glomerulosclerosis, and Alport Syndrome). VAR-200 was able to reduce renal cholesterol and lipid accumulation that damages the kidneys’ filtration system, to mediate transport of excess cholesterol out of kidney cells passively, and by upregulating cholesterol transporter ABCA1.
Deposition of glomerular cholesterol contributes to structural damage and dysfunction of the kidney’s filtration system in models of type 2 diabetes is consistent with data from VAR 200’s preclinical program. By mediating cholesterol transport out of the glomeruli through passive transport and upregulation of ABCA1 transporters, VAR 200 protected against glomerular injury and fibrosis, and significantly reduced protein spillage into the urine in all three kidney diseases

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ABCA1 deficiency-mediated glomerular cholesterol accumulation exacerbates glomerular endothelial injury and dysfunction in diabetic kidney disease

ZyVersa Therapeutics Announces Article Published in Metabolism Pointing to Glomerular Cholesterol Accumulation as Key Factor Exacerbating Renal Injury and Dysfunction in Diabetic Kidney Disease