It has always been a bit of a mystery that given the antiviral effect of certain cyclodextrin, we can attribute all the antiviral effect of Veklury to remdesivir, which takes 3% of the formulation or maybe SBECD (97% of the formulation) also has some role. Researchers from University of Debrecen explore those questions.
Veklury® and different cholesterol-depleting cyclodextrins (CDs) reduced the binding of the spike receptor binding domain to ACE2 and spike trimer internalization for Wuhan-Hu-1, Delta, and Omicron variants. Correlations of these effects with cholesterol-dependent changes in membrane structure and decreased, lipid raft-dependent ACE2-TMPRSS2 interaction establish that SBECD is not simply a vehicle but also an effector in Veklury® due to its cholesterol-depleting potential.
Gyorgy PanyiFlorina Zakany et al.

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