Do you also have the sensation that the achievements and success of others inspire you to do more and better? If so, this collection of GlycoNet goes well with your Friday coffee:

10 success stories from 2022 in glycomics:

1. Alectos Therapeutics Inc. – Ernest McEachern
2. Université de Montréal – Mariela Segura
3. GlyCa Biosciences, Huron Innovation – Hon Leong, John Klassen, Karla Williams, and John Trant.
4. Carolyn BertozziMorten MeldalBarry Sharples – no comment needed
5. Karimah Es Sabar and GlycoNet
6. INRS-Institut Armand-Frappier – Yves St-Pierre
7. Université Laval – Masahiko Sato, Ann Rancourt, Sachiko Sato, Julie-Christine LévesqueGuillaume St-Pierre, and Maude F.
8-10. University of Alberta – Christopher CairoMatthew MacauleySimonetta Sipione

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