today’s cyclodextrin:
is bringing again closer the application of metal-organic frameworks to practice in pharma, food, and environmental applications after setting their foot in cosmetics already.
A sustained-release #antibacterial membrane is presented: the cyclodextrin-based metal-organic framework (CD-MOF) and a silver nitrate short-chain alcohol solution are blended to prepare a CD-MOF then combined with caffeic acid short-chain alcohol solution to prepare a CD-MOF loaded with both nano-silver and caffeic acid. Then PDMS is added to obtain a membrane casting solution which is coated onto a membrane support material, performing vacuum drying and stripping from the membrane support material to obtain the antibacterial membrane.
The sustained-release antibacterial membrane can be applied to applied research in the fields of food, environment, etc.
Zhejiang University & Jiangnan University

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