We are proud to share the next member in the CarboHyde family, joining our excellent experts on the Advisory Board. Ákos Lőrincz has a complementary experience in physiology and immunology; we all respect and need to advance our pipeline most efficiently. 

Ákos is an Assistant Professor at Semmelweis University, Institute of Physiology, and a practicing cardiologist. His scientific interest is the biology of extracellular vesicles, particularly the formation of immune cell-derived extracellular vesicles and their role in immune communication. He is also convinced that the general goal of basic research is to acquire knowledge that can be applied in clinical work; therefore, he is intensively studying these vesicles’ diagnostic and therapeutic potential.

Related to carbohydrates, the surface of cellular and subcellular biological structures (e.g., extracellular vesicles) is covered with carbohydrates. The role of the glycocalyx in the formation and addressing of vesicles has already been demonstrated. In his research, He is looking for the answer to whether media with different carbohydrate compositions can increase the stability of storage-sensitive vesicle structures.

Welcome on board, Ákos!