Glycosaminoglycans (GAGs) are complex polysaccharides exhibiting a vast structural diversity and fulfilling various functions mediated by thousands of interactions in the extracellular matrix, at the cell surface, and within the cells where they have been detected in the nucleus.
This great piece of research (or literature?) Help us understand these compounds and explains what the future might hold, what remains to be deciphered?
The must-read for glyco-enthusiasts.
Serge PérezOlga MakshakovaJesus AnguloEmiliano BediniAntonella BisioElisa FaddaGuerrini MarcoMilos HricoviniFrederique LisacekPedro M. Nieto, Romain Vivès, Dragana Nikitovic and Sylvie Ricard Blum et al.

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