About the Event

We invite you to join our webinar event, which explores practical areas of developing cyclodextrin-based formulations such as manufacturing, regulatory and safety aspects along with novel applications like using them as active ingredients.

This series of educative sessions offers a comprehensive examination of the current state and future prospects of utilizing cyclodextrins in various domains, with a special focus on their use in formulations and as therapeutic agents.

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Presentations (30 mn: 25 mn + 5mn Q&A), 

  • General considerations on cyclodextrins: manufacturing, challenges, and properties – Carmen Popescu and Julien Parcq (Roquette)
  • Regulatory/Safety aspects of cyclodextrins – Damien Truffin (Roquette)
  • Next generation cyclodextrins as therapeutics – Tamas Sohajda (CarboHyde)

About the Speakers

Carmen PopescuCarmen Popescu – Global Pharma/Bio Technical Developer at Roquette

Julien ParcqJulien Parcq – Manager of Functionalization of Starches, Sugars and Polyols Department at Roquette

Damien TruffinDamien Truffin – Toxicologist Expert at Roquette

Tamas SohajdaTamas Sohajada – CEO at CarboHyde