Excellent case study by The University of Texas at Austin on improving the bioavailabilty of Galeterone, a novel prostate cancer candidate treatment. KinetiSol(R) compounding was utilized to create galeterone amorphous solid dispersions containing the complexing agent hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin or hypromellose acetate succinate with lower drug loads that both achieved a ~ 6 × increase in dissolution performance versus the 50–50 spray-dried dispersion. When compared to a spray-dried dispersion with an equivalent drug load, the KinetiSol amorphous solid dispersions formulations exhibited ~ 2 × exposure in an in vivo rat study.
Urvi GalaDaniel Davis, Sandra KuceraDave A. Miller, & Robert Williams 

Can the Oral Bioavailability of the Discontinued Prostate Cancer Drug Galeterone Be Improved by Processing Method? KinetiSol® Outperforms Spray Drying in a Head-to-head Comparison | SpringerLink