Currently, there is still an intense demand for a simple and scalable delivery platform for peptide-based cancer vaccines. This Cyclodextrin-based polymer nanovaccine platform (CDNP) is designed for the codelivery of peptides with two immune adjuvants that is broadly applicable to epitope peptides with diverse sequences. Specifically, the cyclodextrin-based polymers are covalently linked to epitope peptides via a bioreactive bond-containing cross-linker and then physically load with R848 and CpG to obtain CDNP. The CDNP efficiently accumulats in the lymph nodes, greatly facilitating antigen capture and cross-presentation by antigen-presenting cells. The immunogenicity of the epitope peptides is significantly enhanced by the codelivery and synergy of the adjuvants, and the CDNP shows the ability to inhibit tumor progression in diverse tumor-bearing mouse models.

A Universal Cyclodextrin‐Based Nanovaccine Platform Delivers Epitope Peptides for Enhanced Antitumor Immunity – Mao – Advanced Healthcare Materials – Wiley Online Library