CarboHyde is a private preclinical pharmaceutical start-up company specialized in the development of carbohydrate-based APIs. Our team consists of a small group of seasoned scientists with over 50 years of cumulative experience in the field of carbohydrate chemistry, analysis and pharmaceutical development.

CarboHyde was incorporated as an independent company in January 2022 in Hungary. The company’s core focus is neurodegenerative diseases, yet we also have other pre-clinical programs in various indications.

Fully embracing the pharmaceutical development ecosystem, we utilize contract research organizations (CRO) for non-clinical, CMC and clinical development to efficiently maximize capital for drug development.

CarboHyde’s management team has extensive experience in medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical development. In addition, CarboHyde is supported by seasoned advisers and consultants.

József Tóth MD, PhD

CEO of CarboHyde

Healthcare Manager

Anesthetist and Intensive Care specialist

While I was a med student at Semmelweis University I was always fascinated by the complexity of physiological processes, how billions of molecules work together to maintain the homeostasis of the human body. It amazed me to look at the living cells under the microscope and to see their reactions after treating them with various compounds as it was a tiny little piece of this enormous puzzle but still drove me closer to understanding how living organisms work. So after graduation, I followed research in the field of cell physiology, where we developed biosensors to follow the dynamic changes of plasma membrane receptors, the bridges between the cell and the extracellular environment. I successfully defended my Ph.D. thesis in 2016 and meanwhile, I earned a Master of Healthcare Management degree in 2014. My interest in applied pharmacology led me to specialize in anesthesia and intensive care, to the fastest-growing field of medicine. As an anesthetist and intensive care specialist, during the last decade, I could look closely at how one single molecule, namely Sugammadex, a carbohydrate derivate revolutionized the safety of anesthesia. Here at CarboHyde, surrounded by world-class researchers, chemists, pharmacists, and engineers, we are committed to taking part in the next success story and to be a key player of carbohydrate pharmacology.