Today’s cyclodextrin is a small tribute to a huge contribution to the industrial cyclodextrin applications.

WACKER Chemical Corporation (WCC) established its Eddyville bioprocessing plant in 1999 and recently celebrated its 25th anniversary. The facility manufactures three different high-quality cyclodextrins: Alpha, Beta and Gamma. It is also the world’s sole commercial-scale manufacturer of Alpha and Gamma cyclodextrins.

Guided by WACKER’s global leadership, the Eddyville biotech facility has been at the forefront of cyclodextrin production since it was first built. The cyclodextrin products manufactured by WACKER became known worldwide under the trade names CAVASOL® and CAVAMAX®.

WACKER’s Eddyville Production Site Celebrates 25th Anniversary of Manufacturing Cyclodextrins for Global Customers (