Our next free webinar, titled “Cyclodextrin formulations: The Journey from the Benchtop to the Patients” brings together experts who will guide us through the milestones of this remarkable journey.

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Event Overview: Join us for an illuminating webinar that traces the evolution of cyclodextrin-based drug delivery systems—from laboratory research to real-world patient care. Our esteemed speakers will explore key aspects of this journey, highlighting breakthroughs, challenges, and the promise of cyclodextrins in improving therapeutic outcomes.

Link for registration: https://www.congress-service.hu/rendezveny/cyclodextrinwebinar2024

Time&Date: September 26., 2024, 3 pm – 5 pm (CEST, Budapest time)


  1. Preparation of Parenteral and Oral Cyclodextrin-Based Formulations and Their Physical CharacterizationSpeaker: Dr. Carmen Popescu (Roquette) – Dr. Popescu will unveil the meticulous process of formulating cyclodextrin-based drugs for parenteral and oral administration. From solubility enhancement to stability studies, discover how cyclodextrins bridge the gap between lab experiments and clinical applications.
  2. Cyclodextrins in Liquid, Transdermal, and Other Non-Traditional FormsSpeaker: Dr. Balazs Kondoros (CarboHyde) – Dr. Kondoros will guide us beyond conventional dosage forms. Explore how cyclodextrins revolutionize liquid formulations, transdermal patches, and other innovative delivery methods. Witness the transition from theoretical concepts to practical solutions.
  3. Hunting for Cyclodextrins: Analytical Assay Methods in Biological FluidsSpeaker: Dr. Tamas Sohajda (Carbohyde) – Dr. Sohajda’s presentation focuses on the detective work involved in studying cyclodextrins within biological matrices. Learn about cutting-edge assay techniques, their role in clinical trials, and the critical insights they provide.
  4. Promising Future for HPBCD in InhalationSpeaker: Dr. Natacha Rocks (Aquilon) – Dr. Rocks will unveil the exciting prospects of hydroxypropyl-β-cyclodextrin (HPBCD) in inhalation therapies. From lung-targeted drug delivery to patient-friendly devices, witness how cyclodextrins are poised to transform respiratory medicine.

Who Should Attend: Researchers, clinicians, pharmaceutical professionals, and anyone curious about the journey of cyclodextrins—from lab discoveries to patient impact.

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I would be delighted to hear suggestions for upcoming topics and engage in Q&A, so please feel free to add your impressions in the comments or via email at tamas.sohajda@carbohyde.com. Thank you.

In the coming weeks, we will continue focusing on using cyclodextrins as active ingredients, disease by disease. Stay tuned!