CarboHyde CEO Tamas Sohajda recently delivered a compelling presentation at the CPHI North America conference, focusing on innovative applications of cyclodextrins in the pharmaceutical industry. His talk highlighted how these unique cyclic oligosaccharides can enhance drug delivery, improve solubility, and stabilize formulations, offering significant benefits to pharmaceutical development.

Cyclodextrins, known for their ability to form inclusion complexes with various molecules, have been extensively studied for their potential to revolutionize drug formulations. Sohajda’s presentation delved into recent advancements and case studies demonstrating the successful integration of cyclodextrins in new drug delivery systems. These developments promise to improve the efficacy and safety of numerous medications, addressing longstanding challenges in drug formulation and bioavailability.

The talk received considerable attention from industry professionals, underscoring CarboHyde’s leading role in pioneering the use of cyclodextrins for pharmaceutical innovation. Attendees had the opportunity to engage with Sohajda, discussing cyclodextrin research’s practical applications and future directions.

A video of the event is available on CPHI website – after a registration – for those who missed the presentation or wish to revisit the insights shared.

CPHI: Lightning Round: Excipients 4.0 – Cyclodextrins (CDs) (video) (

On Vimeo:

Dr Tamas Sohajda Lightning Round Excipients 4.0 – Cyclodextrins CDs on Vimeo

Stay tuned for more updates from CarboHyde as they continue to push the boundaries of pharmaceutical technology.